"Le Casel" de Château-Thierry "Le Casel" de Château-Thierry

Part work Maison Rey

Maison REY edited a 50 page booklet in which customers could choose from:
- more than 50 fish and seafood dishes
- more than 140 poultry, game, foies gras, soup and salad dishes
- more than 40 hot fish dishes
- more than 80 appetizers from meat, game and rotisserie
- 100 ice creams and sorbets with many flavors
- more than 85 cold and hot cakes and desserts
- more than 100 icy small cakes
- not to mention wines, liquors and champagnes...




In 1926, two years after Louise’s death, Andrée the eldest of the three HESS children, marries at 21 a young confectionery chef : André LAMY.

André is a confectionery chef at the Grande Maison REY which employs 200 people in Paris.

At the turn of the twentieth century in Paris, Maison REY is the petits fours specialist. They make 100 different kinds of petits fours !

With 20 confectioners working for him, Chef André LAMY would make up to ten thousand petits fours in a single day.

From 1926 on, Maison HESS is in good hands.

Léon Hess and his son André Lamy

André LAMY, Léon HESS and her dog

André LAMY

The twenties and thirties are the modernization years for French confectionery.
Electrification lights up stores and enables machines to free up men in the confectionery shops.
Refrigeration becomes widespread in the thirties and sales of ice creams skyrocket in that period.

(source : la pâtisserie artisanale française)